A Guide to Choosing the Right Transport for Your Big Day

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 1:23am by Bridal Edition

Your wedding day is probably going to be the most special, exciting day of your life. One big part of your day will be the transport you use to arrive at the wedding venue. This transport will make a big impact on guests, and be present in many of the photographs. Depending on the kind of wedding you have, you can choose your transport to suit. Here are some ideas:


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A limo is a very classic choice for a wedding, so it’s great if you’re going for a traditional kind of day. These owners of limousines in Melbourne say that they are perfect for a classic wedding day. However, if you want to stand out, don’t feel obliged to go for a limo. There are plenty of other choices you can make that will still make an impact.

Sports Car

As wedding days are getting more modern, you could consider arriving in a classy sports car. This is a great way to bring your wedding day into the 21st century and arrive in style! Simply choose your favourite luxurious car and rent it out for the day. You could even hire a special chauffeur to drive you.

Horse and Carriage

A horse and carriage is a fairly old fashioned way of arriving, but it’s a bit like getting married in a fairytale. It’s how Cinderella and the other princesses would arrive at their weddings I’m sure! You can guarantee you’ll get lots of attention on the way there too.


If you’re not afraid of heights, then arriving by helicopter could be a great idea, especially if your venue is quite far away. You won’t be late if you fly there! However, bear in mind that you could crinkle up your dress and mess up your hair. It’ll be lots of fun though!


This might sound silly to you, but walking is always an option. I know a few people who chose to walk to their wedding, as they lived in a small village where everybody knew everybody. They got many cheers and congratulations as they made their way there, which made them feel like royalty!

Drive Yourself

Do you love your car? Well then why not drive yourself? You won’t have to spend an extra penny, and it’s great if you see your car as your trademark.


People even arrive by boat to their weddings these days! If you’re getting married by a canal, river, or another body of water, why not arrive by boat? Imagine how amazed your guests would be as they watched you sail serenely up the water to the venue.


A nice, white taxi would be a cheap way to get to your wedding day. The great thing about white taxis is that everybody knows you’re getting married, so you’ll still get lots of attention!

Vintage Motorbike

Are you the kind of couple that enjoy vintage things and like other eras? Arrive by vintage motorbike! This always looks great, and you’ll have lots of fun.

See? You can choose to arrive absolutely any way you like on your big day!

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